May Requiem of Psalms - Robert Paul Baker
Gloria - Rutter
April Ein Deutches Requiem - Brahms

October Gloria - Vivaldi
Gloria - Poulenc

December Guest Performance with the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra
Selected Opera Choruses
March Special Performance with the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra:
Carmina Burana - Orff

October Lord Nelson Mass - Haydn
Magnificat - Bach
May Great Mass in C Minor - Mozart

October All John Ruter Program
O Clap Your Hands
A Gaelic Blessing
For the Beauty of the Earth
God Be in My Head
Open Thou Mine Eyes
A Prayer of St. Patrick
The Lord Bless You And Keep You
May Elijah - Meldelssohn

October Last Words of David - Thompson
Alleluia - Thompson
The Paper Reeds by the Brook - Thompson
Have Ye Not Known - Thompson
Ye Shall Have a Song - Thompson
The Best Rooms - Thompson
The Lord is My Shephard - Thompson
Sing to the Lord a New Song - Baker
Sooh Ah Will Be Done - Dawson
Every Time I Feel the Spirit - Dawson
Set Down Servant - Shaw
Jesus Lay Your Head - Hogan
Steal Away - Hogan
Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Hogan
Saul - Hovland
I'm Gonna Sing Till the Spirit - Hogan
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel - Hogan
The Battle of Jericho - Hogan
May Choral Fanfare - Rutter
Lord, Make Me An Instrument of Thy Peace - Rutter
I Believe in Springtime (w/USL Children's Chorus) - Rutter
Psalmfest - Rutter

October Requiem - Fauré
Select Motets - Bruckner
Te Deum - Bruckner
April Vesperae Solemnes de Confessore - Mozart
Te Deum - Haydn
Exsultate Deo - Scarlatti
Ave Verum Corpus - Mozart

October Exultate Deo - Poulenc
Requiem - Durufle
Cantique de Jean Racine - Faure
Salve Regina - Poulenc
April "American Folk Hymns"
Simple Gifts (Shaker Song) - Copland
At the River (Hymn Tune) - Copland
Ching-A-Ring Chaw (Minstrel Song) - Copland
Be Glad Then, America - Billings
When Jesus Wept - Billings
A Feast of Praise - Thompson
Chatter with the Angels - Spiritual
Lift Up Your Voice, Alleluia - Albrecht
It Is A Precious Thing - J.F. Peter
My Eternal King - J. Marshall
Wonderous Love (Southern Folk Hymn) - Christensen, arr.
Holy Manna - J. Carter, arr.
My Song in the Night (Southern Folk Hymn) - Christensen, arr.
Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal - A. Parker, arr.
Deep River (Spiritual) - Christensen, arr.
Ride on King Jesus (Spiritual) - DeCormier, arr.
Amazing Grace (tune: New Britain) - J.P. Seneck, arr.
Steal Away (Spiritual) - A. Parker & R. Shaw, arr.

October "Singet Dem Herrn" Motet No. 1 (w/USL University Chorale) - Bach
Come, Let Us Sing - Mendelssohn
Chichester Psalms - Bernstein
October Messa di Gloria - Puccini
Gloria - Poulenc
April The Creation - Haydn

October Requiem - Mozart
April Missa Solemnis - Beethoven Vance George, Guest Conductor
April Mass in E-Flat - Schubert
Offertorium - Schubert

October A Concert from the Psalms
Psalm 136 "Super Flumina Babylonia" - Palestrina
Psalm 119 "I Have Longed for Thy Saving Grace" - Byrd
Psalm 100 - Schutz
Psalm 95 "Come, Let Us Sing a Song of Joy" - G. Gabrieli
Psalm 19 "The Heavens Declare" - Handel
Psalm 103 "Canon of Praise" - Pachelbel
Psalm 42 "As the Deer Longs" - Appalachian Folk Tune
Psalm 150 "Halalujoh, halalu el b'dok'sho" - Lewandowski
Psalm 118 "Pitchu Li Sha'arei Tzedek" - Hebrew Folk Tune
Psalm 23 "The Lord is My Shephard" - Rutter
Psalm 117 "O Praise the Lord" - Betteridge
Psalm 65, 67 "Thou, O God, Art Praise in Sion" - Boyle
Psalm 122 "I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me" - Parry
Psalm 86 - Holst
Psalm 148 - Holst
October Vespers - Rachmaninoff
Lord Thou Hast Been Our Refuge - Vaughan Williams
God is Gone Up, Opus 27, No. 2 - Finzi
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, Opus 35 - Finzi
Welcome Sweet and Sacred Feast, Opus 27, No. 3 - Finzi
April An Oxford Elegy - Vaughan Williams
Choral Hymns from Rig Veda - Holst
The Music Makers - Elgar
Coronation Mass - Mozart
May Choral Fantasy - Beethoven
Elegischer Gesang - Beethoven
Mass in C - Beethoven

October Ecce Fidelis Servus - Faure
Requiem - Durufle
Cantique de Jean Racine - Faure
April 10th Anniversary Concert
Gloria - Rutter
Adoramus te Christe - Palestrina
Agnus Dei - Barber
Ave Maria - Bruckner
O vos Omnes - Victoria
Tenebrae Factae Sunt - Palestrina
Excerpts from Cantatas 29, 80, 140, 147 - J.S. Bach
Victimae Paschali Laudis - Vittoria

October Adoramous te Christe - Palestrina
Tenebrae Factae Sunt - Palestrina
Ovos Omnes -Vittoria
Sei Lob und Preis mit Ehren - J.S. Bach
Ein Feste Burg ist Unser Gott - J.S. Bach
Das Wort sie Sollen Lassen Stahn - J.S. Bach
Zion Hort die Wachter Singen - J.S. Bach
Gloria sei dir gesungen - J.S. Bach
Jesu bleibet mein Freude - J.S. Bach
Mass No. 10 in B Flat (Theresienmesse)- Haydn
April Requiem - Verdi
Motets - Bruckner

November Dona Nobis Pacem - Vaughan Williams
Requiem - Faure
April Porgy & Bess (highlights) - Gershwin
Gloria - Vivaldi
Messe Acadienne - Reynolds

October Requiem - Rutter
Five Mystical Songs - Vaughan Williams

December* Christmas By Candlelight
John Rutter Carols
Messiah (selected solos & choruses) - Handel
April Agnus Dei - Barber
I was Glad - Parry
Zadok the Priest - Handel
"Alleluia!" from Exsultate, Jubilate - Mozart
The Old Hundreth Psalm Tune - Vaughan Williams
Evening Hymn - Gardiner
O Sing Unto the Lord - Willan

October Benedicte - Vaughan Williams
Hymn to St. Columba - Britten
Laudes Organi - Kodaly
Serenade to Music - Vaughan Williams
Quatre Motets - Durufle
March An Evening Concert in 3/4 Time
Liebeslieder Waltzes - Brahms

May "In the Beginning" - Copland
Coronation Anthems - Handel

October Magnificat - Bach
Cantata - Bach
March "A Centennial Concert: Patriotic Music to Honor the 100th Anniversaryof the Naming of the City of Lafayette"
Star Spangled Banner - Key/Smith
Dixie - arr. Luboff
Southern Comfort - arr. Bennett
Northern Lights - arr. Bennett
Battle Hymn of the Republic - arr. Wilhousky
Three Songs: The Greatest Man, In Flanders Fields, He Is There - Ives
Columbia the Gem of the Ocean - arr. Bennett
America the Beautiful - arr. Cormier
God Bless America - arr. Ringwald
Rejoyce Lafayette - Landry

May Requiem Mass in C Minor - Cherubini

October Stabat Mater - Dvorak
March Masterpiece Opera Choruses

May Mass in G - Schubert
Salve Regina - Haydn

October Jubilate Deo - Gabrieli
A Feast of Praise - Thompson
Carnival Song - Piston
Proud Music of the Storm - Dello Joio
March 300 Years of American Folk Music

May The Beatitudes - Franck
November Mass in D (Lord Nelson) - Haydn

April Symphony No. 9 - Beethoven
Requiem - Brahms
May Madrigals from Italy & France
The Fiery Furnace - Berger
Vespers Solennese de Confessre - Mozart
October Te Deum - Bruckner
Requiem - Faure